Why a Billion of Us Build our World Anew 

Grounded Hope for the 21st Century
inspired by Thomas Paine’s Common Sense 

A Journey for These Times that Try Our Souls

Judah Freed, award-winning author and journalist

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“Thomas Paine rallied Americans to a new sense of themselves and their possibilities. Judah Freed does likewise for citizens of the planet.”
Bill McKibben, The End of Nature; founder of 

Making Global Sense is a vital and wonderful book, well written and inspired.”
— Barbara Marx Hubbard, Conscious Evolution.

Making Global Sense is at once vast and tangible, disturbing and inspiring. ”
— Ocean Robbins, CEO of The Food Revolution Network

“Judah Freed shows how global awareness is already changing life on our planet. The book offers us real hope when we need it most.”
— John Mackey, Conscious Capitalism; CEO of Whole Foods 

Making Global Sense by Judah Freed is truly a masterpiece.
— Don Beck, PhD, co-founder of the Spiral Dynamics Movement

Making Global Sense is compelling in its ideas and wonderful in its personal elements!”
— Herb Goldberg, PhD, The New Male; The Hazards of Being Male 

“This is the first book I can remember reading that synthesizes so much into a coherent whole.”
— Shel Horowitz, co-author with Jay Conrad Levinson of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green.

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In these trying times of global pandemic atop social, political, economic, ecological, and spiritual upheaval, fear and hate drive too many of us to trust bullies promising to save us from hobgoblins — or ourselves. Some seek more grounded hope. Making Global Sense offers reasons why a growing number of of us are now evolving a global sensibility and acting upon it. We are now generating the “global sense movement,” a useful name for all and each of us building up critical mass on earth for the urgently needed enlightenment of humanity. 

Making Global Sense by Judah Freed

Making sense of our world.

Award-winning author and journalist Judah Freed reports that at least a billion globally conscious people worldwide already are working — spiritually and politically, alone and together — to build a mindful, equitable, sustainable civil society. He cites world social trends as evidence a billion of us on earth have a universal sensibility, no matter what we call it. We are changing our world by making global sense.

For healing ourselves and our world both, readers are asked to work on both spiritual growth and social change at the same time. The book bridges the gap between the two, in itself a breakthrough common sense proposal these days.

To show why a global shift is needed, the author draws inspiration from Thomas Paine and his world-changing essay, Common Sense, which was pivotal in shifting public opinion to support the American Revolution. The author updates Paine’s work for likewise shifting public opinion to support our global evolution. He revives ideas and ideals of the 18th century Enlightenment to champion 21st century enlightenment — a common sense awareness of our sacred global oneness.

To humanize these “big ideas,” the book’s essays are interwoven with the author’s personal survival story. Freed’s bestselling model for balancing an essay with narrative is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, in which Robert Persig balanced “an inquiry into values” with his moving story of a breakdown and breakthrough into wholeness — a kindred “character arc.”

Globally awake readers will feel they are not alone, nor powerless, because our natural connectivity gives us global reach. Readers not yet awake to our global oneness may now safely open their eyes.

Book Synopsis: 

The book structure has four parts modeled on the four parts in Common Sense.

    • Where Paine detailed the nature of civic government, Freed details the nature of personal self-government.
    • Where Paine refuted monarchy and hereditary succession, Freed refutes “alpha male rule” and “authority addition.”
    • Where Paine surveyed the state of world affairs in the 18th century to conclude revolution was necessary, Freed surveys the state of world affairs in our 21st century to conclude evolution is necessary.
    • Where Paine used facts and logic to prove a national revolution was possible, Freed uses facts and logic to prove our world evolution is possible — and already well underway.

Changing how we make sense of the world, he affirms, changes the world. He describes the sense-making process, how “split perceptions” avert seeing our oneness. A global sense of our innate and infinite unity dispels any authoritarian thinking, liberating equally women and “new men” (all races, LGBTQI). A global sensibility, he says, induces “mindful self rule” and “personal democracy” — the inner and outer yin and yang of why and how we can and do think globally and act locally. Seeing all life as a web, we live more sensibly. The ideal gets real.

An open global sensibility is a measurable societal force gaining momentum on earth. Global thinkers comprise at least 22 percent of all adults in North America over age 15, he reports, up to 30 percent in Western Europe, and 16 percent on average worldwide. The authors cites world trends that both reflect and foster global thinking. The trends include environmentalism, holistic health, conscious commerce, social entrepreneurs, global internet, literacy, the new spirituality, personal growth, gender equality, and peaceful mass demonstrations for equal rights and justice.

Given rising pressures from climate change, global  pandemic, globalization, and serious threats to democracy, a global sense of life could reach a pivot point in our lifetimes IF we do the work.

Interwoven Narrative: The author’s ideas are persuasive, but a good story opens hearts and changes lives more than logic. Judah balances head and heart by balancing his essay with his survival story, showing the roots of the ideas in the essays.. He recalls his 1950s childhood in Denver, illness and abuse, school bullies, 1960s rebellion, life in a 1970s cult, then a long journalism career, world travel, social activism, marrying for the first time at 60 and moving to Hawaii, at 65 surviving Stage IV cancer,, at 69 divorcing, coming back home to Denver, and restarting his life, more whole than ever. He  thanks miracles, medical science, holistic health, community, men’s work shadow work, forgiveness, love, and Light. He stays alive to do his soul work, which means this book.

Written in present tense with vulnerability unusual for a man, his tales illuminate topics in the essay. His father’s story (his youthful dreams, later giving up on his dreams) weaves together the essays on how we make sense of life, split apart our perceptions, and change what makes sense to us. The tale of a tree limb crushing his old car, leading to healing with his mother before she dies, wraps the chapter on gender equality. His tale on Kauai of fighting to regulate GMO crops affirms his proposal for“direct republics,” an update of Paine’s blueprint for democracy. His visit to Gandhi’s home in India frames a chapter on finding our courage.

Lending a global character, his storytelling carries the reader to Washington, DC, New York, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Mumbai, Istanbul, Sydney, Fiji, Britain, and elsewhere.

Judah Freed is a gifted and accomplished writer. His book offers important ideas evolved over a lifetime and refined by 19 years of writing. He offers a rare blend of literary craft and marketing savvy, such as talking on BookTV or directing communications for a national charity. With a mature mind and a young heart, he has written one of those books you feel in your soul, one that if it catches on can go viral very comfortably.

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The Market:

Making Global Sense mainly will appeal to readers who already are aware of our global connectivity — the “global thinkers,” the “Cultural Creatives,” and the “conscious consumers” with “Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability” (LOHAS). Researched for demographics and psychographics, they fund the $800 billion world market for holistic and green products and services, investing $21 trillion in green and ethical ventures.

Says Ted Ning at the The LOHAS Group, “The interconnections between global economies, cultures, environments, and political systems play a large role in the holistic worldview of the typical LOHAS Consumer.” They vote. They spend money like a vote. “Equally important are the interconnections of mind, body and spirit within individuals.”

LOHAS Consumers with global sense match the traits in The Cultural Creatives by sociologist Paul H. Ray and psychologist Sherry Ruth Anderson. “Cultural Creatives,” they write, “care deeply about ecology and saving the planet, about relationships, peace, social justice, and about authenticity, self actualization, spirituality and self-expression.”

Cultural Creatives tend not to realize that they’re part of an “Emerging Planetary Wisdom Culture,” lament Ray and Anderson. “If humanity is to survive this period of planetary crises, we need a collective positive image of a future that works for all.” Meeting the need: Making Global Sense.  

Primary Market: “LOHAS Consumers” — Spiritual and globally aware people, active stewards of the planet, the early adopters and heaviest purchasers of green products and services, they evangelize all other market segments. They’re mostly woke Millennials, GenZers, Baby Boomers, and female, comprising 22 percent or 54 million of all U.S. adults over age 15 (out of 247 million total adults), and up to 30 percent Western Europe — 2017 numbers by Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), which has surveyed a half million people in 25 countries since 2005. 

Worldwide, the percentage of LOHAS Consumers in nine representative nations averages 16 percent of all adults and young adults on earth. Given 5.2 billion adults over age 15, this 16 percent yields 830 million people living with global sense, in any lingo or culture, an enlightened consciousness of our oneness.  

NMI and other sources say the percentage of LOHAS consumers in each nation varies — 22 percent in the USA, 17 percent in the UK, 16 percent in Germany, 30 percent in Sweden, 13 percent in Russia, 14 percent in India, 16 percent in China, 11 percent in Japan, 17 percent in South Africa, and 18 percent in Brazil. They average 16 percent.

Secondary Market: Naturalites” —Conscious consumers who care slightly more about holistic health than planetary health. They buy green and organic as much as they can afford. NMI in 2017 reported they comprise 21 percent or 51 million of all U.S. adults over age 15. The global average for all Naturalites is 24 percent, yielding a secondary market of almost 1.25 billion adults on earth over age 15.  

When the primary and secondary market counts are added together, the U.S. market totals 105 million, and the global audience reaches two billion. The author realizesl that in the USA barely half of the population are book readers, higher or lower elsewhere on earth, and only a tiny fraction ever buys any title. Still, he believes the foreign rights potential deserves consideration, and the timing for this book to help shift the culture could not be better.

A lesser tertiary market identified by NMI are the “Drifters,” who have good intentions about sustainability but mixed follow-through. NMI’s “Conventionals” and “Unconcerned” segments are not likely readers for the title, admittedly, or at best as gifts for the global thinkers in their lives.

 Overview | Market | Comparables | Spinoff Projects | The Author | Endorsements | Project Status 


Comparable Titles:

Market Positioning: Making Global Sense extends the lineage of general nonfiction “big ideas” titles for global thinkers.  The author will position his cross-niche title as next in the long line of popular world-changers with a global vision. Forerunner books are more complementary than competitive. 

Likely readers value the following titles, which all advance the shift into global consciousness:


> Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, edited by Paul Hawken (Penguin, 2017). Reports solutions already working in the world, as does Making Global Sense.

> Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Social Movement in History Is Restoring Grace, Justice, and Beauty to the World, by Paul Hawken (Penguin, 2007). Documents the impact of activists, as does Global Sense.

> A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, by Eckhart Tolle (Plume/ Penguin, 2005). Affirms that transcending ego will end conflicts and suffering in the world. Global Sense adds that a global sensibility helps us transcend authority adduction and alpha male rule to transform our world from within.  

> The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People are Changing the World, by Paul H. Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson (Crown, 2000). Named and studied globally aware Americans creating a better world. Cultural Creatives worldwide are the primary market for Making Global Sense.

> Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential, by Barbara Marx Hubbard (New World Library, 1998, Revised Edition 2015). Updates her groundbreaking work on human potential. Making Global Sense advances our evolution by reporting on 12 evolutionary world trends.

> The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in Our Time, by Marilyn Ferguson (Houghton Mifflin, 1980; Tarcher/ Penguin, 2009). Became the #1 New Age handbook for personal and social transformation.Global Sense carries this energy forward,

> Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values, by Robert M. Persig (Morrow, 1974). Interwove a powerful life story with essays on a paradigm shift into wholeness, akin to Global Sense. 

> Future Shock and The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler (Bantam, 1970, 1980) plus Megatrends by John Naisbitt (Warner, 1982) are the “paradigm shift” trilogy, Global Sense builds upon the trends they spotted.

> The True Believer by Eric Hoffer (Harper, 1951, 2002); the “longshoreman philosopher” explained how totalitarian mass movements exploit dependence on authority, an insight updated and extended in Global Sense. 

> Common Sense by Thomas Paine (Philadelphia, January 1776)  inspired Making Global Sense.

In the 243 years since Common Sense, in the 68 years since True Believer, the 49 years since Future Shock, the 45 years since Zen, the 39 years since Aquarian Conspiracy, the 21 years since Conscious Evolution, 19 years since Cultural Creatives, 14 years since New Earth, and two years since Drawdown, the market has grown exponentially for a spiritual book voicing a grounded global sensibility.

The success of such “Big Ideas” titles for self and world improvement validates the faith and vision of the respective publishers. They ably cross-market global titles that transcend narrow niches. They realize the megatrend opportunity. They realize Cultural Creatives of all generations still want a book voicing “a collective positive image of a future that works for all.”

Making Global Sense is a good idea whose time has come — the right book at the right time.


 Overview | Market | Comparables | Spinoff Projects | The Author | Endorsements | Project Status 


Spinoff Projects 

Documentary: Making Global Sense was written with the visuals in mind for a companion documentary or miniseries. The documentary has a startup team. Already attached as the Narrator is Rolland G. Smith, fabled 11-Emmy TV news reporter, anchor and producer (parodied as “Roland B. Hedley” in Doonesbury). Attached as a Producer is Richard A. Cooper, Directors Guild of America. Attached for the production facilities is Allen McLain at SkyTheory (, leading indie digital soundstage and post house in Denver.

The author wants to develop a documentary collaboratively with the publisher or backer. He has the experience to participate in scriptwriting, production and post.

Related Books: Making Global Sense presents the author’s vision for world enlightenment and his evidence it’s already underway. To provide useful “how to” details for realizing the vision, the author has begun writing two prescriptive follow-on books:

  • Global Sense Movement: How a Billion of us are Rebuilding our World.
  • Mindful Self Rule: Global Sense for Spiritual and Personal Growth.
  • Personal Democracy: Global Sense for Relationships and Social Change.

Each book is about 55 percent written. The bones are there, but the author wants to flesh out his own narratives and add more anecdotes from other people.

  • Global Sense series: The author will create titles modeled on the Chicken Soup series, featuring inspirational stories from readers using global sense in their lives. Possible titles include Global Sense for Mindfulness, Global Sense for Healing, Global Sense for Women, Global Sense for Conscious Commerce, Global Sense for….

Multimedia: Making Global Sense was conceived as a book-based multimedia venture. The author has decades of experience producing studio and location video and audio content. Some key projects:

  • eBook: The mss supports conversion into a basic mobi and epub or the most immersive interactive ebook imaginable.
  • Audiobook: The authors willing to narrate all of it, part of it or none of it. Available as a separate voice reading the quotes of Thomas Paine is Philadelphia-based professional Paine re-enactor, Steve Gulick.
  • Teaching Series: The author will interview global visionaries and explore ideas. Possible episodes: Global Sense for Lightworkers, Global Sense for Relationships, Global Sense for Success, Global Sense for Leaders, Global Sense for Going Green, Global Sense for….
  • Meditations: The author will record and produce versions of his guided “Global Sense” meditations.
  • Recorded Talks: The author has recorded and will record his live talks on audio and video.

Workshops: After launch, the author will periodically tour with his self-funding “Global Sense Workshop,” supported by live talks that funnel into the weekends (e.g., speak-for-sales events).

 Overview | Market | Comparables | Spinoff Projects | The Author | Endorsements | Project Status 


The Author

Making Global Sense is Judah Freed’s fifth book. Prior works twice won the Silver Nautilus Award for the best social change book of 2007 and 2012. He won the Evvy Award for the best personal growth book of 2005. He’s delivered speeches across the USA and on four continents. He’s discussed his ideas on dozens of U.S. and oversees radio shows. He produced and hosted in Philadelphia a special program on Thomas Paine for C-SPAN BookTV

A journalist since 1976, an author since 1982, Judah Ken Freed has served as president of the Colorado Authors League, director and trade shows chair of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, and director of the Denver Press Club. He founded the 1,000-member Denver Book Club and the Kauai Independent Authors and Publishers Association. He’s attended and/or shown books at BEA, ALA, INATS, LBF, Frankfurt, and other book trade shows. He is a member of IBPA, COVR, Society of Professional Journalists, Authors Guild , and the American Society of Newspaper Columnists. 

Judah currently is the Director of Publishing for RIP Medical Debt, a national charity based in New York that buys and forgives unpayable medical debt. He works from home in Denver, Colorado. 

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Advance Endorsements

In advance of a publishing contract, showing the book quality (and author’s knack for marketing), the title already is blessed with 15 blurbs from key thought leaders (in alphabetical order):
  • Martin Adams, executive director of, author of Land: A New Paradigm.
  • Don E. Beck, author and co-founder of the global Spiral Dynamics movement.
  • Jed Diamond, men’s movement author of MenAlive and The Warrior’s Journey Home.
  • Herb Goldberg, PhD, pioneer author of The New Male, The Hazards of Being Male. 
  • Jill Heinerth, award-winning underwater explorer and filmmaker of We Are Water.
  • Shel Horowitz, co-author w/ Jay Conrad Levinson of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green.
  • John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods and the co-author of Conscious Capitalism.
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious Evolution, global visionary futurist.
  • Marian McCain, Australian author of Elderwoman, editor of GreenSpirit Magazine.
  • Bill McKibben, founder of, the Climate March, bestselling ecology author.
  • Jordan Paul, PhD, relationship counselor and author of Becoming Your Own Hero.
  • Jules Pretty, OBE, sustainable agriculture expert, author of The Edge of Extinction. 
  • Ocean Robbins, CEO of Food Revolution Network, founder of Yes! Magazine.
  • Leslie Sponsel, PhD, ecological anthropologist and author of Spiritual Ecology.
  • Terry Tamminen, former Secretary of California EPA, author of Lives Per Gallon.
More than 20 other authors have committed to writing blurbs before publication.

 Overview | Market | Comparables | Spinoff Projects | The Author | Endorsements | Project Status 


Project Status

Making Global Sense was completed in 2016. The author has since done extensive revisions in response too surviving cancer. An ebook was released in January 10, 2020, the anniversary of Common Sense. A print edition will be release by late autumn 2020.

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